~ a clean slate

2021 is on it’s way out and as of this night, I’ve gone a year without a new client and this plandemic cost me 2 of the last 3 clients my non-aggressive marketing had left me with. Pizza ‘n Stuff here in Duncan remains as my last, well-appreciated client and favorite place to eat pizza ‘n subs.

~ a ray of lightAs I rebuild, my plan is to add something new, samplings from my tickler files. I’ve tinkered with writing in several genres since my teens years and have a folder with 1,000s pf pages of story starts, shorts and just plain fun (to me) possibilities. I’ve grown a little more bold of late at telling people I do this and trying to show it off.

Some of it is the product of dreams which sometimes left such an impression that I built a story around them. Some of it is the product of a 30+ year journey that many would call spiritual, though I refer to it as my years of Stumbling In The Light. 🙂

I leave my biz pages up because the search engines are still sending people to them but any work accepted in the future will have to be really interesting. I’m tired of helping the plain old money mongering to continue with my energy.