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The first question people ask me about getting a website, nearly without fail is, “How much does it cost?” The answer is not the same for everyone.

In order to provide a proper price quote, we should talk for awhile first, so that I may learn what it is you hope to gain out here. No matter how large or small your web site has to be, I can provide a solution to fit your needs and budget. Just takes one e-mail to get started.

$500 start up package

I offer a $500 start up package that can help you test the waters. This includes your domain name paid up for one year, your website hosting paid up for 3 months, and a basic setup of WordPress with help installing (1) main feature of your choice. *(Shopping cart, blog, directory, etc. utilizing WordPress related Open Source products.)

(offer expires July 31, 2018)

To stop after 3 months requires one e-mail and a confirmation phone call. To continue, just keep paying the monthly hosting fee.

For those who have the time and ambition, the links on the right lead to information that can help you Do-It-Yourself.

You might even discover you have a talent for some of this stuff. Many of you I meet are a whole lot smarter than you think you are. (imo)

~ I seek to empower you as much as you care to be,
to manage your own on-line presence ~

It’s your domain.
~ full service available also of course ~


Jim Amidon

Jim Amidon
Internet Consultant
Duncan, OK 73533  580-606-8949
~ as much service as you need, don’t pay for extra ~

Resources for the Do It Yourself approach:

Basic HTML tutors

PHP Resources

Cpanel Tutors for your hosting account

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