~ just chillinMy very first pro-site, built in 1996, is still online and doing very well. The company provided sales and service for respiratory equipment. I remember they had a very long business name which was the first challenge and became They were surprised within a month by people from around the world ‘needing’ their services.

The leading lady there had taught me the basics of DOS years previous and I returned the favor by teaching her how to manage the website. She took it to new heights and won awards for her designs.

That is what I intended from the start and set my magnets for. To give you the tools to manifest your plan. The challenges to come from such a mission spawned tales which many people don’t believe. Some of them are destined to be told on this blog for amusement, education perhaps.

Full 100% Service Available Also! Just collect the checks and let me worry about the rest.



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