Linux Mint 17.3 Review by a noob

Linux Mint 17.3 Review by a noob

This distribution is so ready for some of the people I want to help that I made a quick video about it. Deliberately brief and non-tech. And remember, this is Linux not Unix. The difference is significant and a great story should you decide to look into it’s creation.

This is free to download and use all you wish.

Instructions are out here for creating a bootable DVD or USB drive that allows you to test drive this without changing anything on your computer.
Bootable USB info
Bootable DVD info

If you’re one of my neighbors I could be coaxed to loan you mine for an evening. I like cookies.

Main Website:
The Linux Community:

Stop by my other website to see live, working demos of varied OpenSource web applications.

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2 comments on “Linux Mint 17.3 Review by a noob

  1. Reasons why Linux is better then Windows – MadmanRB

    1 It is developed by communities: Microsoft values self interest and self importance.
    What you say about windows doesn’t matter to them, they only care about the bottom dollar.*

    Linux however has no corporate interests, and even the distros maintained by companies such as Redhat offer an open ear.

    2 Choice: Microsoft wants you to use whatever they want you to use, they don’t care if you want it or not.

    Linux however does offer choice and if you dont like it you can change it.

    3 Ease of use: Yes I actually consider linux easier then windows, the only time windows seems easier is when you have certain hardware and need drivers for it.
    But for codec installation and software installation I dare say Linux is easier.
    The reports of windows being easy is merely an illusion.

    4 open source: Open source is the best method when it comes to software development. It can take ages just to get a simple bug fix to communicate in a closed source environment.
    I always get updates and never have to wait eons for security patches, Windows and its closed source model leaves so many opportunities to exploit bugs.

    5 No need for antivirus, defragging, or any of the nonsense you see in windows: Sure Linux has its security issues, in fact its rather big news when it happens that has graced linux systems. But security issues are an every day thing in windows, thus why its not noticed.**

    No OS is bulletproof, but i often feel safer and more secure using linux.

    Link To Read More

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