Online Advertising

Online advertising with focus. Take Aim!

Sometimes I have to restrain myself while listening to an excited person explain how they got a ‘great deal on online advertising’ promising to display their link on a page seen 50,000 times per month.

Once they’ve signed the contract, the money is gone and it’s too late to help them realize they can Target their Advertising and get much more success.

Duncan OKFoods, LLCFor example: I am using images in this post for Duncan OK Foods, LLC in Duncan. He has an online catalog to serve the nation but he also sells Duncan’s Own Four Seasonings locally in Duncan and Marlow.

Duncan OK Foods, LLCThese two ads can be targeted to only appear to people online from Duncan and Marlow, using either Mobile Phones or Desktop Computers. Someone checking their email from work after lunch could see his ad and get an idea for supper tonight.

This is better use of your money than having an ad for something you offer locally being seen by people 1,000 miles away who want your product now.

Your product can be targeted to locations: city, state, nation; age groups, gender, social interests, etc., the list is long.

Google AdWords is how I get this kind of targeted marketing to work for you. Facebook, Yahoo and several other companies offer similar tools/power. In many cases, your web host may have given you coupons for testing these out for yourself.  My fee for set up varies according to your plans and current web site.

Advertising, Design, Hosting, GoalsMy aim is to make their free trial offers last a full 30 days and then provide detailed reports on exactly what happened. The proof will be in the numbers for you when done with the coupon.

I live and work in Duncan, OK and am available at your site to offer introduction to these tools or answer any internet related questions. I can build and design a new site for you or upgrade the one you have on a web hosting server with more tools and power than the average person knows what to do with. Yet ;)

Please call or email if interested.
Jim Amidon