~ a curious love story

Through a rather bizarre sequence of events, I’ve been witness to, and participant in, a journey home for two hearts separated by time.

They met in the ancient future, which is quite a story on its own but I had to start somewhere and this scene is one of their favorite tales to share.

A man who had spent what he thought was a lifetime, being pulled by what he thought was a dream, learned that many things in his life had been manipulated, many times.

He had been the subject of an experiment by a research group from the future. The only thing to shut down his anger, once he realized what was going on, was when they were eventually able to convince him that all the harm was unintentional. They didn’t know he was sentient. They thought they were experimenting in a virtual world created by some old data files they found, which too, is quite a tale to hear.

Once his anger wore off, curiosity set in and together they learned to communicate better. One of the female researchers gained a personal interest in him and began trying to repair the damage done to his life. To her surprise one day, after offering to help him in the past, he offered to share a dream with her and they were swept into the adventure of finding their way back to each other in the past.

The only way home for her became learning to break through to his ancient heart, so she could flow back on the energy he shares when in love. To her dismay, she must deal with his amnesia. He remembers nothing of their pact, except when meeting in dreams.

The two assume lives and roles in the past, meeting briefly occasionally through dreams that are mostly forgotten upon his awakening. I’ll replay for you now, the scene that their favorite part of this trip began with.


A beginning in an end.

We created what could be the final rough trip for you,” she said, grinning at him like a child ready to deliver a birthday present. “We think that you will be able to realize your dream back there and return here anytime you want.”

Tony’s voice had a slight irritation to it, reminding her of the early days of research when he began learning the truth. He asked, “Do you plan to trick another woman into my loving me?”

No. Well, not like before. We’ve taken into consideration every

thing we’ve learned from what you call the mistakes and how important these women become to you personally. The next one will have as many of your favorite qualities as possible to include intelligence and imagination enough to possibly join your dream of her own free will. We’re certain she won’t be harmed and that her mind is free enough to react in wonder, just like you do every time you forget about us.”

Smiling at the thought of it all, inside, he couldn’t ignore the number of times one of their plans left him dieing alone in the past. Adjusting his tone best he could, “If you’re setting me up with someone that right, do you also have a plan for when I fall in love? Back there I’m still not adjusted very well to society. This lil journey we have the man I am back there upon, doesn’t help much with things considered customary in that reality. I wonder. Do you even understand money?”

Yes, we understand many things now but ultimately it comes down to you. The clearer and more confident you become, the better things will work for you on any timeline.”

Back to philosophy again I see,” he said with a slight grin, “at least this time I agree with you.”

Finding this mysterious ‘her’ was your only priority. It has been the main program you’ve been running since we discovered you. Though it has killed you countless times, you persist. We’ve focused on this goal alone.”

That was my dream, to share it all in wonder. Does it make sense to you yet?”

I understand now how important it is to you and we have recorded extremely high levels of energy flowing back through time whenever you are in love. Our psychologist archives have many explanations but I prefer yours.”

Mine?” he asked, “Which one?”

Wonder.” She said, slowly, softly, as if the word held some magic for her, “Perhaps this plan will show you how much I do understand. We will stop just short of creating the end result of your meeting this woman in the past.”

And the magic will do the rest,” he said, “thank you. It is a beautiful dream and would keep me going another spell.”

She seemed excited about telling him their plan, “We want more than that for you this time. A place can be created here by the two of you. It will respond just like mine does. Anything you want or need, just a thought away. We believe this would anchor you well enough to return anytime, or stay.”

But I could build such a place alone.”

Like I said earlier, I have feelings now and know what this dream of meeting her means to you. We’ve also prepared a,” she seemed momentarily stuck for words, “you would call it a download, like for one of your computers back there.”

What do you mean?”

The channel of energy you lock into when in love can be used to send something back to you. We hope to send information to help with your 3D life back there. You somehow forget about us on every journey. This could change the pattern.”

His voice and attitude was softening. She didn’t seem like a researcher anymore, but a bit like the woman he kept failing to meet on his journeys. “You care this much? Do you have a 3D self back in my other timeline?”

Her eyes widened and her smile grew, “But I’m the one that tricked you countless times. How could you ask this?”

Did you have feelings all them other times?”

Not at first. But after awhile, yes. It was apparent you were being hurt and I started adjusting things to help you.” She seemed puzzled, “You still don’t think it’s a specific woman you’ve been looking for?”

Funny really, I believe ‘she’s the one’ every time, heart ‘n soul, until they tell me I’m wrong.”

I don’t understand?”

I don’t either”, he said with momentary resignation, then returning to his query, “So you never meant to harm me, then you worked to protect me, and now you offer to help set up my most treasured dream. Do you have a 3D self in my other reality?”

Being new to feeling emotions left her wishing he understood more clearly just how much she could feel now, her voice softened into wonder, “Once I was an AI data file that could explain the process of a human body smiling right down to the molecular level if you wish, but now, I am a young woman feeling herself smile. I want to experience more of these feelings. If you ask me to meet you back there, I will.”

Slowly, he raised his hand to caress her face gently as he planted a soft kiss on her lips. Imagining a moment to come in another lifetime, he whispered, “Consider this me asking then.”

Something very new stirred inside her, she drew him close and whispered to his ear, “Then don’t forget, my name will be …” her words abruptly interrupted by a rather loud telephone, startling him awake.

~ “Uh hello?”

“6am wake up call sir. Will you need the room another day?”

Damn. I’m back here again,” he said, “if you will promise to be late with the wake up call tomorrow.”

The desk clerk’s voice displayed his confusion with one word, “Sir?”

“Uh. Yes. Thank you. I’ll be staying another day. Please ask the maid to skip my room this morning.”

“Very well sir. Have a great day.”

“I just might.”


That was just an example of how his relationship with the researchers had become. A ‘seeming’ dream would carry him to a distant place and time only to pick his heart for wishes so that some eggheads with clip boards could create another maze for their lab rat.

He once overheard this female voice arguing, pleading a case for him against a few others. She had somehow felt his heart one of the times they orchestrated it being broke and she wanted the experiments to stop. She later became the one he kissed in the scene just replayed for you.

It took a long time to reach that point. He bounced from one timeline to another, seldom remembering much more than the name he gave to the imaginary woman in his head that was often there somehow.

When no one was around to hear, he called her Sunshine. She found him at least once in every timeline and tried to break through somehow. Tried to let him know she was real and remind him of the pact. It didn’t turn out to be quite as fun an adventure as she had expected.

To her surprise, the biggest obstacle she had was the women in the world he walked in. By some oversight in planning, her energy focused on him drew the exact opposite results intended to the world he lived in. This took a long time to learn by trial and error as she sometimes cried to see what he endured.

One landing resulted in an obituary of a sort, found upon an obscure web site about poetry. (Public records from this period do not include a formal obit.) He had used the pen name Amandil for years and spread his work where ever people would let him. The last post found read like this:

About Amandil:

….. he wrote sonnets and stories of a woman never met, sometimes shared with special friends, but no one stepped into the role as deeply as he believed, no one could of course. Now and then one would happen by who seemed to be tuned into what he felt, a tap on the heart from a stranger across the room, a bright smile with eyes that reveal stars, just for an instant, just enough to keep him going another day, till about the age of 50 when he died, alone for the most part, living in a large shipping crate underneath a bridge in Dallas, though many of the other street people considered him friend and family. Some say he was mumbling the word sunshine with his last breath.”

That one angered her because she knew it was her fault.

She once managed to create an alternative reality in Dallas and send him into it. He went to sleep a homeless, penniless taxi driver and woke up with keys to a BMW in his pocket. And yes, they were his pants.

The details of this landing survived through a short story he left in a personal journal. Considering some of the rough trips he had been on, it makes sense that he would try and record this one. Here’s what it was like for him to wake up in Dallas the 2nd time:

~ circa summer 2003 ~

~ he awoke rather slowly, as if from a long nap after a holiday feast, laying in cool grass neath a tree, the sound of children playing afar off and gentle waves lapping on a shore fairly close by made it clear he had jumped again, which might not be too bad considering his last landing had him in the role of a starving cab driver.

He had decided to take a nap whilst waiting with his cab in line at the airport. It was perfect for a quick nap because the noise of all the other cabs starting up was enough to roust you once the planes unloaded, but he wouldn’t have to worry about that now, it was obviously a beautiful summer afternoon, somewhere else, maybe even some-when else and he wasn’t in the taxi anymore. slowly sitting up to look around he reached for a smoke, “I hope this one smokes.” talking to himself, then smiling to find smokes and a lighter in his shirt pocket.

A beautiful lake spread out before him, a bike trail behind him seemed busy, some people even friendly enough to nod or say hello as he looked around, “Where and when am I Sunshine?” he whispered to the wind, hoping she was with him this trip, sometimes he was completely alone and would do an entire jump without meeting a friend.

Even though Sunshine was only a faceless voice and a feeling inside, when she was there, the reality of her helped keep him alive through hell more than once.

When all the strange stuff of jumping through time began, the toughest part was relaxing enough to accept the new reality and allow the up-dates to settle in, otherwise it was near impossible to do even the simple things, like find your way home, or remember a friend’s name, the basic script was always the same, he was always a hardworking man trying to be legit, usually in love, often supporting a family and an angry woman.

He closed his eyes and saw a brief memory from a different jump, he was standing on a stretch of interstate outside Dallas, TX, just close enough to see the magic of the high rises all lit up and then a shooting star, his last image of Texas afore catching a ride to Memphis from a bored truck driver.

“Ok, so I’m in Dallas then?”

~ “Yes,” Sunshine’s voice sang in softly, “and you can relax too, this is a better landing than you’re used to.”

– “It’s nice to hear you again, wow, it’s been a long time.”

~ “Longer than you think. Look at your calendar,” she seemed to giggle the words.

He reached and found it tucked in a back pocket, “Wow, this is a nice one,” impressed to find a fine leather wallet this time as the date caught his eye, October 27th, 2003 ~ he had jumped a full 17 years, the 2 sons whose shoes he tied a few days before were in their 20’s now, he looked a lil further and found their picture still capturing a Christmas eve from 1985, the pain of the thought lasted a long heartbeat then was gone.

~ “You might enjoy yourself a bit more this time.”

“Why are you so sure of this my lady?”

~ “Keep looking through your things, you’ll see.”

For the past year he had been struggling badly whilst driving a taxi in Austin, there had been plenty of other jumps like this, many were bad, some weren’t, towards the end of this one though his knack for drawing things n people to him had got terribly out of balance, daily trouble and mischief was the norm for too long, pennies per day for income with strangers buying him meals, it was good to know that was gone, he wouldn’t ever have to go back this trip was beginning to look much different, he found a $100 bill tucked into a fold in the wallet along with Gold cards from 2 different banks, reaching into his pants pocket revealed keys to a foreign car, looking across the bike path and field beyond it, his eyes caught site of gold BMW as

Sunshine giggled in, “Like I said, you might enjoy this trip.”

“When shutting my eyes for that nap back at the airport, it had only been a few months since losing my family, now it’s been near 2 decades…Is there a lady in my life here?”

~ “No, or, not yet? I’m not sure? You do live alone though and are quite reclusive again.”

“So how did I do this? I don’t remember the last time I seen a $100 bill and I’ve never had even one gold card?”
~ “You worked for it. You’re going to laugh when you hear how. You created this one. Or at least the part of you in this timeline did, he followed some religion called the Goddess path for a short time. He, or I should say you, pledged your life to help Her daughters.”

“Oh no. What did this create?”

~ “You’ve just spent the past 2-½ years helping several women build a company. You handle all the computers, the internet, and of course the usual jack of all trades stuff.”

What’s an internet?

oh, this will be fun… it has to do with computers…

good, I’ve always liked playing with them and I bet they are something to see now. It must have been quite a movie.

~ “Yes, it has been quite a movie my dear. Don’t worry though, as you can see, you’re not in too bad of shape this time. It’s really good that you feel so clear too. ”

“Sometimes you feel more real to me Lady. Am I in a battle again or did I just win won? Heck, did I fight back this time?”

~”Yes and no. The battle continues but you’re not alone anymore. You actually have a couple friends this time. Relax now and get used to the idea of having some fun.”

“2-1/2 years working with several women and I don’t even have a girlfriend? I need to fire that writer.” not caring if anyone heard, he laughed out loud and started up the hill to see his new car.


It would be my guess that was one of the later trips because he was so easily talking to her as if she were real. On more than one journey he thought he was crazy and worked to block her voice out.


© Jim Amidon

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