Where Were You For Y2K?

“… good times ‘n riches and sonofabitches I’ve seen more than I can recall …” – Jimmy Buffett

~ we're all gonna dieYa’ll remember back when the world was gonna end because someone forgot to teach computers how to record time beyond 1999? That was one of the reasons among many. I think aliens were coming to eat us also and another group was gonna save us, the New World Order was gonna declare martial law and one radio announcer who is still a big name today swore that the Russians were coming.

Ah, the memories 🙂

Ran into some Jimmy Buffett this morning and the memories flooded in of my fledgling business and my first gig using good tools. I was a seeing eye man for a blind dog and sidekick to a high level computer geek. I babysat 3 web servers with 2 T1 lines, a full IP block filled with websites and a very large blind dog.

The dog liked to play hide ‘n seek with a ball in the back yard. I guess it didn’t know I had eyes because it would hide the ball under some leaves right in front of me then step back and wait for me to find it.

The man I worked for was like a version of me in many ways only he had lots of money, very few scruples, they just got in the way really. He was a brilliant computer geek though running Windows servers and quickly teaching me how to keep them running while he traveled the country installing fiber optic cable and new operating systems for a major retailer.

This is partly why I didn’t worry so much of the world ending. This corporation was spending millions on their project to assure that people could come in and buy things well into the next century.

It’s almost funny now to remember how I lost a great website opportunity due to my unwillingness to push the doomsday scenario. I insisted they needed to balance it all and not just sell fear. They thought I was cute and hired someone else. These people went on to television and documentaries. I coulda been rich LOL

I helped a little with one family building a survival compound up on top of a mountain. They invited me to hide there with them when the SHTF. One part of their project was to have a medicine man come build a sweat lodge and help them learn to use it. I joined in that day and was gifted with a lot of one-on-one with this man, listening to his stories and reasons behind the rituals.

2012 is it - Oh NoAnd the world didn’t end after all. As the snooze announcers were scaring folks with tales of the enemy at the gates, I was at the local Waffle House having steak and eggs.

Oh yeah, Jimmy Buffett, almost forgot what started this post. One night, as I had settled in with the servers, I dug around in his music files, found a Jimmy Buffett collection and something just clicked inside. I was building and tweaking websites, practically dancing tween 3 stations set up on a horseshoe shaped desk with a nice chair that had slick wheels! And Jimmy Buffett rocking the walls.

For a few moments, life was good.

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