work online

I am able to help people get to work online with their own website, blog or eBay sales. The DIY type can get a good head start from an afternoon with me demonstrating various options. If you need tools I know where a lot of the free stuff is.

If your service provider has given you all the free stuff already but you’re stuck on how to get started, I can help you work with whatever they offered. We can work from your computer, set the bookmarks and cheat notes right on your desktop for you. Once done with me simply change the passwords and it’s all yours.

~ website services

~ I can help~ First year operating expenses, after your website is built, can be as low as $80.
Compare that to the price of 1 newspaper advertisement that will be wrapping coffee grounds the day after it runs. ~

This domain name of was purchased in response to a complaint heard from many potential clients. They often did not know who they are doing business with. When help is needed down the road they end up being served by someone who can’t speak English requesting another $59.99 for something.

An unexpected result is that sometimes when people are doing background checks on me out here, they find men with far more exciting stories than mine. Mountain climbers, doctors, high level college staff all share my name. Or I share theirs?

On another note, after years without owning a television set, I started working an overnight job on weekends with a large screen TV on the wall for company. The education has been mind blowing in some respects.

Did you know it costs tens of thousands of dollars for a website to be built? !*! wow ~ I really haven’t been charging enough. Human nature being what it is, that fine teeeeveee commercial will likely bring them a lot of work.

From my angle, for that kind of money you could pay for a full year with a dedicated web master, dedicated web server and dozens of web sites as big as your dreams. (um, ok, that was a figure of speech ~ I can not accurately predict the extent of anyones dreams)

When you’re ready to take a serious look at doing business online, give me a call or use my contact form. I have access to the same tools and abilities as the people who charge 5X more. Links on the right will show you some of my more recent work.