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keys to success

A win-win business model

Once upon a time, there were companies out here which gave people the tools to set up their own Internet ...
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Basic Start Up Website

Basic Website Package, what’s inside?

Your Basic Website Package My standard build for your start It is important to note from start, everything I put ...
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Where were you for Y2K?

"... good times 'n riches and sonofabitches I've seen more than I can recall ..." - Jimmy Buffett Ya'll remember ...
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Linux Mint 17.03

Linux Mint 17.3 Review by a noob

Linux Mint 17.3 Review by a noob This distribution is so ready for some of the people I want to ...
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OpenSource – How can these scripts be free?

I work as much as possible using the free versions of scripts created by people dedicated to the OpenSource Concept ...
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20 years trying to help

~ it’s been 20 years

~ hard to believe it's been 20 years I've made a lot of smart people laugh with my opine that ...
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