Website Hosting

~ helping people online since 1996 ~

~ hosting your web site ~

I utilize Stormwire for the website hosting package you need. Stormwire provides many powerful tools that I have worked with for several years. Everything you need and more.

Basic process for establishing your web site. We;

  • Purchase your Domain Name using the link above
  • Purchase hosting package from Stormwire
  • Administration e-mails are copied to me with a password you may change when I’m done.
  • Within 5 days your home page will be visible to the world using the Domain Name you purchased

  For less than $10 per month (current price of basic package) Your web site is serving potential customers 24/7.

~ compare that to radio, tv, newspaper ~

For a modest monthly fee, they take care of all the technical stuff, keep the web server operating with redundant power backup systems and 24/7 tech staff. Proven to be some sharp people who are pleasant to work with.

~ finest website hosting I can point you to ~ Stormwire

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