WordPress Install Service


          A WordPress Install is standard for me now.

About the same time you begin to realize how well that free wordpress site is doing for you, you’ve likely outgrown it and are being quoted $50-$100 for changes and upgrades.

I’ve rescued a few people over the years from free hosting services like that as well. Free becomes $100 per month real quick if you don’t know the game.

I offer to set up the WordPress site for you on a server that can cost less than $6 per month. That’s it, Once I’m done you’re paying $6 per month for your hosting and have a full WordPress install that you are in full control of.

If you made that free stuff work, you’ll be able to do even more with a WordPress install done by me on a Stormwire server.

Each of the thumbnails to the right represent a WordPress Install tailored to their needs.

The ORALA website is utilizing the free version of a business directory to manage 23 facilities within its organization.

Nature King Pest Management has been with me since 2002. We’ve experimented with quite a bit over the years too.

I’ve made a few videos as well, like the one here. I was browsing through Mark’s server one night that 2-3 other webmasters had managed over the years.

I stumbled upon about 4 hours of raw home video and created this as a surprise for him one weekend.

When you’re ready for your new WordPress Install – or to be rescued from one of them free places, please give me a call. Jim Amidon – Based in Duncan, OK but can serve the world. 580-606-8949

** I am not certified by anyone as a professional WordPress Installer. I let my work speak for itself and my clients will attest, once up and running, it just works, saves money and opens doors.