WordPress Plugins

A WordPress Plugin will allow you to add powerful new features to your website without the time and expense of a complete rebuild. In most cases the creator of a WordPress Plugin will offer 2 versions. One is free to use and in most cases, generous in what it gives you. They will then offer a Pro-Version with added features.

Pro Facebook Feed WordPress PluginI can demonstrate here with 2 links:

This link leads to the free version of Facebook Feed – Each Facebook post TXT only comes to the page.

This link leads to a working example of the Pro version – Images and Icons come with the text with a generous amount of special customization options available.

You may download the free version using this link or the image on right. When ready to go pro, you’ll find a link for purchasing a 1 year license. This covers you for a whole year with protection from new security concerns as they are found. The teams behind higher quality WordPress Plugins like this, work hard to stay on top of things.

NextGEN GalleryThis is powerful too!

NextGEN Gallery – The Most Popular Gallery Plugin Ever Built for WordPress. Manage, display, proof, and sell photos like a Pro.


For the ORALA website I installed, the Business Directory is used to display 23 facilities within the organization. This could easily be a staff directory as well. This link here will take you to their website to view all the options and see if Pro is what you want.

Business Directory Plugin--the #1 Directory Plugin for WordPress

My Standard Build

I have a standard set of plugins that I’ve used and tested and now trust to offer a client. They cover security, administration tasks and customization of your website. If you are one of my established clients and decide to go pro through my links here, I will provide up to an hour at no charge to help you upgrade. Likely you won’t need help due to their fine tech support staff, but it’s nice to know you can call someone local now and then too.